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Are you looking for a certified Dog Trainer In Vancouver?

Are you struggling with the aggressive behavior of your dog or pup?
We’ve got you covered! With over two decades of extensive experience working with aggressive dogs, we offer multiple dog training services that help you solve your pet’s behavioral problems.

Our Training Philosophy and Services

We provide a positive and motivational approach utilizing a “play and praise” reward system.
We don’t use any food bribery such as cookies and/or treats to encourage the dog with obedience, nor do we apply any form of aggression to discipline the dog.
The reason we chose not to use food bribery to motivate our dogs is because we prefer using psychology and intelligence as this method promotes long lasting reliable results.
We specialize in dog behavioral problems and offer private dog training in Vancouver that is flexible in time and tailored to the convenience of the client’s schedule of availability.
We serve in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, and Delta.

About Us

Tony Giotto, Master Dog Trainer and Behaviourist has worked with many dogs since 2001. He studied with and worked for Master Trainer S. Prewitt of the Prewitt Canine Training Academy at the International College of Canine Behavioural Science.

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At A-Z Canine Training, we help you understand the causes of your dog’s behaviour problems. The home environment and your own emotional reactions such as shouting and punishment simply accelerates the dog’s anxiety and therefore blunts the learning curve. We’ll guide you step by step throughout the process to help you solve the behavioural or obedience issues in your dog or pup.

Our puppy training in Vancouver includes impressive training sessions that focus on certain areas of behaviours in your puppy. It helps the owners understand how to bring balance to their home, prevent damage, and help puppies become productive and loving family members. We also offer aggression prevention training that modifies your dog’s aggressive behaviour and eliminates aggression in your home, to other people, or to other dogs.

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Tony helped us with our 8 week old puppy for the first few months of biting & acting out. He was able to make a very stressful time into something that was so much easier once we were able to understand the phases of what puppies go through. It's never an overnight fix, so he kept assuring me to be patient & consist, and with the proper tools he gave me, we were able to give our pup positive reinforcement & gentle guidance. Tony is always available for me with questions ongoing & I highly recommend him to anyone that's looking for a happy, confident pup.

Tina H
Dog Trainer Vancouver

Sit/stay! We have it down now that Tony showed us the correct way to impart the command. Tony helped us guide our little dog to be better behaved and safer. He worked with us on a schedule suited to our needs and we felt his services were useful and very beneficial to our family. We would highly recommend his training.

Gail and David B


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