How do I “potty train” my puppy?

How do I “potty train” my puppy?

In our last blog, we had described several good points on crate training for your puppy.  One of the points was using a crate to prevent one’s puppy from soiling within the home.

Generally, a puppy and/or dog do not favor soiling within their sleeping quarters which would be the crate.  In the initial phase of puppy crate training, one is to expect mistakes within the crate.  However, one will notice that the soiling is done at the furthest point of the crate compared to where the puppy sleeps.  If the puppy does soil within the crate and gets dirty, it is vitally important to never scold him or her.

Training your puppy to soil elsewhere such as outside does take time, patience, and consistency.  A good indicator of when a puppy has to soil is generally after a meal or when excited after play.  Depending on the age of the puppy, it can take time for the bladder and bowel to develop so that it can hold it for a longer period.

How to Train a Puppy?

One way to help guide your puppy is to fill the crate or an empty room with newspaper.  Each time your puppy soils on a newspaper page, that sheet would be removed while leaving the rest behind.  Eventually, one newspaper sheet will remain.  Afterward, one would place a newspaper page on the ground trailing to the door and eventually to the designated area. Training the puppy with a command such as “Go Pee” or “Go Poo” would also be utilized.

If the puppy does make mistakes outside the newspaper area, it is important to not scold him or her.  Instead, just simply start again and make sure you praise the puppy each time it soils in the designated area.

With this handy tip, it is also important to add positive and motivational daily puppy obedience training to the routine.

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