Dog and Puppy Training in Burnaby – Our Philosophy

Tony Giotto, Master Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, has worked with many dogs since 2001. He studied with and worked for Master Trainer S. Prewitt of the Prewitt Canine Training Academy at the International College of Canine Behavioural Science.

An interest in the field came about as he noticed neglected dogs. Why were they neglected and why were they treated in a certain manner? At that point, he decided to become a dog trainer and help dogs with their owners.

Through his extensive studies in Canine Behavioural Science, he has helped many dogs of different ages with behavioural problems. He not only provides guidance but also has patience and understanding to help the client build a good relationship with their dog.

Our Dog Training Services in Vancouver

At A-Z Canine Training, we provide dog training in Vancouver that employs an optimistic and motivational approach utilizing a “play and praise” reward system. We do not use food bribery such as cookies and/or treats to encourage the dog with obedience, nor do we apply any form of aggression to discipline the dog. We use positive reinforcement, fun and motivating games to teach your dog everything they need to know. We have over two decades of experience and help you solve your dog’s behavioural problems.

Is your dog displaying aggression? We will help you find the reasons for your pet’s aggressive behaviour and help you create a step-by-step plan that builds a beautiful, strong bond between you and your dog.

Our dog training programs in Vancouver are customized to suit your hectic schedule. We also help you understand how to understand a dog’s pack behaviour and body language to help eliminate aggressive behaviours.

Are you searching for ‘aggression prevention dog training near me?’ Your search ends here! Call us now at (604) 341-6509 to book an appointment.