Recreational Tracking – Dog Training in Vancouver

A typical scenario is when you are in a rush in the morning heading off to work.  You have everything ready except you can’t find the keys to the car.  At that moment, you think wouldn’t it be great to have your dog help find the keys for you?

The answer is yes!  You can have your dog find lost articles.  A dog is known to have a very sensitive nose.  Did you know that a dog’s nose is thousands of times more sensitive than a human’s?  Through our Recreational Tracking program, you are able to train your dog to utilize its nose to find items.  Dogs do love to work because it’s a game for them and utilizing their nose to track is a good form of training.

How Our Recreational Tracking Program Works?

The prerequisite to Recreational Tracking, a part of our dog training in Vancouver, is completing the Basic and Intermediate Dog Obedience Training levels.  Afterward, your dog can start with the introductory training exercises to find lost articles first indoors and then outdoors.  Later, other training exercises such as the dog following a track to find an article or quarry (person) are then introduced.

It truly is amazing to see your dog as its nose is close to the ground while following a trail to find an item or quarry.  This can not only be fun for your dog to do, but it also motivates him or her to do more, knowing that at the end of the find, it will get lots of praise.

When a dog works, it has a job to do and therefore not bored.

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