Aggression Behaviour and Modification Training in Burnaby

Having a dog with aggressive behaviours can be challenging. Such problems as jumping on people, noise disturbances by needless barking, growling, biting, lunging, nipping, fear and others could lead to bigger consequences if not handled promptly. These issues can possibly be due to a traumatic experience with the history of the dog or a breed related nature.

The initial approach we take is to conduct a dog training assessment. This is to get as much information as possible regarding the history and present state of the dog. With each training session, one will receive information and guidance on what training tools are available. It is essential to have lots of patience, time and every day consistency in obedience training to help modify the behaviour problem.

In summary, some of the main dog behaviour problems requiring assistance are:

  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Dog to people aggression
  • Resource guarding