Dog and Puppy Training in Burnaby – Our Philosophy

A-Z Canine Training, the leading provider of dog and puppy training in Burnaby, gives your pup and dog the specialty training they require, all under one roof. Our private dog training in Vancouver is designed to meet the unique needs of your pup or dog and our training provide individualized attention to ensure that your needs are met. We specialize in aggression, and it’s achieved through communication enhancement and behaviour modification. We also specialize in the rehabilitation of dogs who have been and are currently traumatized by the fad like use of the electric shock collars (

We provide a positive and motivational approach utilizing a “play and praise” reward system. We don’t use any food bribery such as cookies and or treats to encourage the dog with obedience, nor do we apply any form of aggression to discipline the dog. We specialize in dog behavioural problems and offer private training sessions that are flexible in time and tailored to the convenience of the client’s schedule of availability. The levels of instruction offered are beginner, intermediate and advanced.

‘Work =Play’ – Our Unique Approach to Puppy Training in Burnaby

“Work=Play” is our motto, and we strictly abide by it. Even though we say it’s work for the dog, it can also be play. Simply, it’s just a “play and praise” way of daily consistent training. Insufficient exercise and education of your dog can lead to problem behaviours, hyperactivity, attention-getting behaviour, and more. So, we provide an effective work plan that improves the behaviour issues and social interactions. We plan to exercise and play for dog and puppy training in Burnaby, depending on the breed, breed blend and individual personality of your dog and pup. High exercise plans are included for dogs and pups from ‘working breeds.’ Moreover, the length and type of play or exercise will depend on the health limitations and behaviour requirements of your dog.

Locations we serve are Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey and Delta.

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