3 Reasons Why Puppy Training Shouldn’t be Ignored

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Puppy training can seem like an inconvenience when you’re just in the market for a cute new pet. But the time you invest in puppy training now will be well worth it later, as you get to enjoy years of companionship with your furry friend. Here are three reasons why you should opt for private dog training in Vancouver soon:

Build Communication and Trust:

By training your dog from an early age, you’re teaching it how to respond when asked to do something and understand a basic set of commands. This builds trust with both your pet and yourself. With the help of dog training in Vancouver, pets may be more reliable companions who know how to behave around guests or in public spaces like parks.

Minimises Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is one of many symptoms that your dog could develop, which is why it’s important to train your pet from a young age.  With early dog training in Burnaby, you can teach your dog to remain alone safely while you’re away.  This means separation anxiety and other problems may be avoided with pet training by an expert, which in turn may make your life easier!

Keeps Your Pet Safe:

Training your puppy at a young age solves unwanted behaviour such as nipping, jumping, bolting out the door and others. It also trains them to be responsive to your cues in different environments, walking on a loose leash, and more. Teaching your puppy basic commands helps give them guidance and also keep them out of trouble around cars, children, and dangerous situations. In other words, it helps you and your dog to be safe.

Private dog training in Vancouver is very important to help your puppy become healthy and happy in your home environment.  Talk to a professional dog trainer for more information.

5 Dog Behaviour Issues that Need Immediate Attention

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Does your dog growl often? Does he/she jump on your guests? These behavioural problems should be addressed as soon as possible or else they may develop into more serious issues.  Enroll your dog in private dog training in Vancouver to help modify the problem. Here we’ve listed the top five behavioural issues in dogs that should be addressed quickly.

Dog Aggression

Does your dog bark and/or growl at people who visit your home? This could be due to a traumatic event that’s happened in the dog’s history or a breed related nature. Search ‘aggression dog prevention training near me’ on Google to find a local dog behaviourist who could help you modify this problem.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety may occur when your dog gets stressed when they are left alone. Continuous howling, barking, chewing, and drooling are the common symptoms of separation anxiety.

Excessive Chewing

Boredom and separation anxiety can cause excessive chewing in your dogs and pups. Providing your dog with a daily training routine could help modify these behaviours. Talk to your dog behaviourist to gets some tips on ‘how to get puppy to stop biting.’

Jumping on Visitors

Jumping on your visitors can be a problem especially for elders and kids, as they can be knocked down and seriously injured.  Private dog training in Vancouver helps modify this issue and understand appropriate greetings with friends and family,

Do you notice any signs of behavioural issues in your dog or pup? Contact your dog behaviourist to get help in fixing these issues quickly and have a healthier & happier dog.

How to Calm Aggressive Dogs?

How to Calm Aggressive Dogs?

Did you know dog aggression can permanently affect the relationship between a dog and its owner? Many dog owners consider aggressive dogs to be dangerous and avoid taking them outside, fearing they can become a potential threat to the public and other dogs. Private dog training in Vancouver is essential to prevent dogs from exhibiting aggressive behaviours. Here we’ve listed a few tips to help with aggressive dogs.

Analyze Your Dog’s Behaviour

As clearly stated on the motto of the crest of the International College of Canine Behavioral Science “ALL BEHAVIOUR HAS MEANING”. So, analyze the behaviour of your dog and try to understand the reasons or situations that trigger him to show aggressive behaviour. Also, you must provide not only a time for play but it is also very essential to have him/her on a training schedule.

Develop Socialization Skills

According to the professionals who offer a to z dog training, puppies who aren’t socialized enough become defensive or fearful of new dogs or people. Take him to obedience training who practice safe controlled socialization such as walks in the neighbourhood. Enroll him in dog boarding in Vancouver BC to address socialization issues and encourage him to maintain a good relationship with other dogs and people. When trained under the guidance of a professional trainer, you can help prevent your dog becoming aggressive.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Do not use physical punishment on your dog whenever he/she shows aggressive behaviour. This will only worsen the situation and behaviour.  Positive reinforcement and motivational training with the guidance from a dog aggression prevention trainer will help towards avoiding such unwanted behaviours. Choose private dog training in Vancouver to recognize aggressive behaviour and in your dog. It also helps you learn some useful tips to properly train your dog and help them feel more secure.

Is Your Dog Uncomfortable with Strangers? Here Is What You Should Know

Is Your Dog Uncomfortable with Strangers? Here Is What You Should Know

Does your dog growl at strangers? Does it grumble when your neighbour approaches to talk to your dog or when your friend gets up from the dining table? Growling is an expression of dog that they are uncomfortable with something in their environment. While it may be alarming, most of the time, it’s a good thing. A growl from your dog is an attempt to avoid potentially dangerous aggressive behaviour.

Some dog owners punish their dogs when they growl. But remember, punishing your dog makes it uncomfortable and models aggressive behaviour. Getting private dog training in Vancouver helps your dog feel safe in front of strangers and prevents them from unusual barking, biting, or growling.

Reasons Why Your Dog Growls at a Stranger

  • Lack of socialization
  • A bad experience
  • Canine genetics
  • Resource guarding
  • Pain or illness and more.

The following activities may trigger your dog to growl at strangers.

  • Getting too close to the dog
  • Making physical contact with your dog
  • Staring at your dog
  • Changing positions suddenly, such as standing up from a chair
  • Yelling at your dog
  • Getting too close to the properties of your dog

How to Make Your Dog Feel Safe

As mentioned earlier, enrolling in private dog training in Vancouver helps your dog feel safe and get puppy to stop biting. Take them for a walk, helping them navigate the human world and feel safer. Consult your aggression prevention dog trainer to get some advice on preventing your dog from barking or growling at strangers. They offer multiple dog training sessions to help solve your pet’s behavioural problems and obedience issues. They also provide aggression prevention training that modifies your dog’s aggressive behaviour and eliminates aggression in your home, to other people, or other dogs.  Our training is equivalent to the good citizen criteria required by kennel clubs all over the world.