Is Your Dog Uncomfortable with Strangers? Here Is What You Should Know

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Does your dog growl at strangers? Does it grumble when your neighbour approaches to talk to your dog or when your friend gets up from the dining table? Growling is an expression of dogs that they are uncomfortable with something in their environment. While it may be alarming, most of the time, it’s a good thing. A growl from your dog is an attempt to avoid potentially dangerous aggressive behaviour.

Some dog owners punish their dogs when they growl. But remember, punishing your dog makes it uncomfortable and models aggressive behaviour. Getting private dog training in Vancouver helps your dog feel safe in front of strangers and prevents them from unusual barking, biting, or growling.

Reasons Why Your Dog Growls at a Stranger

  • Lack of socialization
  • A bad experience
  • Canine genetics
  • Resource guarding
  • Pain or illness and more.

The following activities may trigger your dog to growl at strangers.

  • Getting too close to the dog
  • Making physical contact with your dog
  • Staring at your dog
  • Changing positions suddenly, such as standing up from a chair
  • Yelling at your dog
  • Getting too close to the properties of your dog

How to Make Your Dog Feel Safe

As mentioned earlier, enrolling in private dog training in Vancouver helps your dog feel safe and get the puppy to stop biting. Take them for a walk, helping them navigate the human world and feel safer. Consult your aggression prevention dog trainer to get some advice on preventing your dog from barking or growling at strangers. They offer multiple dog training sessions to help solve your pet’s behavioural problems and obedience issues. They also provide aggression prevention training that modifies your dog’s aggressive behaviour and eliminates aggression in your home, to other people, or to other dogs.  Our training is equivalent to the good citizen criteria required by kennel clubs all over the world.

Moreover, we employ effective communication tools to explain key concepts quickly and easily. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 604 341 6509 to book your virtual dog training sessions today!

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