5 Dog Behaviour Issues that Need Immediate Attention

5 Dog Behaviour Issues That Need Immediate Attention

Does your dog growl often? Does he/she jump on your guests? These behavioural problems should be addressed as soon as possible or else they may develop into more serious issues.  Enroll your dog in private dog training in Vancouver to help modify the problem. Here we’ve listed the top five behavioural issues in dogs that should be addressed quickly.

Dog Aggression

Does your dog bark and/or growl at people who visit your home? This could be due to a traumatic event that’s happened in the dog’s history or a breed related nature. Search ‘aggression dog prevention training near me’ on Google to find a local dog behaviourist who could help you modify this problem.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety may occur when your dog gets stressed when they are left alone. Continuous howling, barking, chewing, and drooling are the common symptoms of separation anxiety.

Excessive Chewing

Boredom and separation anxiety can cause excessive chewing in your dogs and pups. Providing your dog with a daily training routine could help modify these behaviours. Talk to your dog behaviourist to gets some tips on ‘how to get puppy to stop biting.’

Jumping on Visitors

Jumping on your visitors can be a problem especially for elders and kids, as they can be knocked down and seriously injured.  Private dog training in Vancouver helps modify this issue and understand appropriate greetings with friends and family,

Do you notice any signs of behavioural issues in your dog or pup? Contact your dog behaviourist to get help in fixing these issues quickly and have a healthier & happier dog.

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