Expert Tips to Set Up Your Home for a New Puppy

Are you planning to bring a new puppy to your home? It’s an exciting and joyful moment! Your puppy needs a lot of attention, care, love, and puppy training in Vancouver as they transition into their new home. There are a few preparations to be made before bringing your puppy home, and the first step is to set up your home for the puppy. Here we’ve listed a few tips from the leading aggression prevention dog trainer to get your home ready for the new puppy.

Like small kids, puppies investigate everything they come across and learn through mouthing things and smell. So, it’s crucial to puppy-proof your home to protect it from any potential hazards.

  • Keep electrical wires out of reach of pups to minimize the risk of electrocution.
  • Remove long hanging objects like curtains and table cloths as they tempt your puppy to pull and chew them.
  • Remove the house plants in the part of the home where your puppy will have access to as these plants can be poisonous to your pup.
  • Do not leave shoes or other objects on the floor as puppies tend to chew these items.
  • Get an appropriately sized crate for your pup for its comfort and safety.  A crate can also be used for housetraining purposes.
  • Putting your puppy on an early puppy training in Vancouver helps you create a well-behaved dog.

Getting a puppy is a time to celebrate! Setting up your home is a great way to build a strong and loving bond with your puppy. Do you want to enroll in puppy training or get a puppy to stop biting? We can help you! Contact us for more information.